Friday, November 20, 2009

All Systems are go......

What a great week to be an SU basketball Fan.

Last night, many of us looked on from our cozy living rooms(more on this later) as Syracuse absolutely Slaughtered an undermanned, overrated Cal Squad by a score of 95-73. (When was the last time you saw brandon reese in a game against a ranked opponent?)

Yeah, that was a first.

The team we saw last night was one of unparalleled size, athleticsm, and of course, every espn announcer's favorite word: LENGTH.
editor's note: I'm beginning to question their sexuality based on the number of times they said syracuse was long.

and so with that, the question was:
Can they keep it up against an always powerful UNC squad?

and boy, did they ever...

Syracuse looked even better tonight against this young, talented UNC squad as once again, Roy Williams had no answer for the Syracuse zone. They were simply outclassed, outmuscled, and outhustled by a syracuse team still ranked 24th. Wes Johnson continued his already impressive season dropping 16 in the first half as Syracuse hung on to trail by 2 at the half after a monstrous UNC run.

But in the 2nd half, Syracuse opened with a 22-1 run, spreading the ball around to anyone who would take it and watching as the shots kept hitting nylon. and UNC simply could not recover, despite going on a run to bring them to within 8 points, Syracuse would not be denied.

Player of the game
Wesley Johnson( 25 points 8 boards) Proves yet again why he is a legitimate player of the year contender with yet another strong performance.

Oh and in regards to the living room comment, tickets were very expensive for a preseason tournament, with one fan telling me they were fetching well over 200 dollars on the hub, which is rediculous when i paid 75 bucks for 2 big east tourney seats a few months back.
Thanks a lot, unc.

chattin time.

Chat tonight!

7 PM Eastern.

It is now 2:13 and UNC(and georgetown) STILL SUCK!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Join me here at 8:45 eastern time for full coverage of tonight's game, pending availability of internet video feed.