Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paulus named player of the week

The US Army All-American bowl committee has named Quarterback Greg Paulus Player of the week for his performance against maine. Quite frankly, it isin't a bad line:

21-28(75%), 270 yards, 2 tds.

However, in the grand scheme of things, i think saturday was a complete disaster. At the beginning of the game, Maine looked like a prime example of futility, or a greg robinson era SU defense, whatever metaphor you'd like to use. Carter was ripping off massive gains on the ground, and for a change we were all having that feeling like "maybe everything's gonna be alright......"

and we were wrong........ AGAIN.

Pretty soon we began to look as if Greg Robinson had dyed his hair and tied 2 50 pound bags of sand to his thighs, because maine was tearing us a new ass hole, and that wasn't the worst part. They were doing it on the ground, and our apparent defensive specialty is stopping the run, Needless to say, things looked bleak. To make matters worse, Arthur Jones sustained an injury to his upper left leg, and this provided an even better opportunity to create seams up the middle for the backs, one of which was nothing more than a fat ass blocking back.

Things finally looked better Defensively in the second half, with the orange only allowing 1 touchdown in the closing seconds of the game, but the damage was done. Maine outgained the orange by 80 yards and had just as many first downs as the orange did. that is a miserable failure. Many of our current defensive woes rest in the hands of the secondary, i think if marrone can find a capable body to replace nico scott, things might be a little sunnier, although i do like marrone's move to move shamarko thomas to safety. maybe torian phillips would be up to the challenge.

As for the offense, i really dont need to elaborate much more other than the vertical passing game really needs to expand. more deep shots down the field are a must.

until next time,

Syracuse Orange Avoids Falling into Bear Trap

After three hard fought games to open the first season of the Doug Marrone era, Syracuse fans looked forward to a nice, easy game with the FCS University of Maine.

Unfortunately, nothing comes easy for the Orange.

The game's scoring opened with a short touchdown throw from quarterback Greg Paulus to Halfback Delone Carter, giving Syracuse a 7-0 lead midway through the first quarter. However, Maine would not back down, and the first Black Bear drive showed a much different team then was expected.

Maine is generally classified as a ground-oriented team, who on the back of Sophomore rusher Derek Session, controlled the clock and a game's momentum. This would seemingly play right into Syracuse's defensive strength, which is in the run game. Syracuse has had great success against the rush, allowing only 83 yards per game, good for 13th best in the nation.

However, when Maine Quarterback Warren Smith took the ball after Syracuse's scoring drive, the offense looked much, much different.

Much like Northwestern did to great success the week before in the Carrier Dome, Smith picked apart the Orange secondary on short, quick passes- going 24-35 for 305 yards, and 3 TDs on the day. The Bears offense would respond to Carter's touchdown with a field goal, and then after a surprising onside kick recovery, Smith hit wide receiver Landis Williams for a 56-yard touchdown to give Maine a 10-7 lead.

Syracuse was able to tie the game at 10 with a field goal by freshman Ryan Lichtenstein, but after stopping the Orange following an interception by cornerback Kevyn Scott, Smith drove down the field against the Syracuse defense to find Williams again for a 14-yard score.

Syracuse was able to manage another Lichtenstein field goal to cut the Maine lead to 17-13 at the half, but all 35,000 fans in the Dome were shocked. This was not the team they had grown to love over the last few weeks, this looked shockingly like the Syracuse team that was used to losing over the last four years.

The second half was much kinder to the Orange, who made the necessary adjustments to stop Maine's sharp offense, while continuing to find success with the ball.

With their first possession of the half, Syracuse was able to drive the ball 86 yards down the field, capped off by a nine yard touchdown run for Carter, who finished with 95 total yards (72 rushing, 23 receiving) and four total touchdowns. Syracuse was back on top, 20-17.

On their next drive, the Orange worked with a shorter field, and Greg Paulus connected with Sophomore Marcus Sales in the corner of the endzone for 17 yards and a score, extending the Orange lead to 10. Paulus finished the game with another impressive stat line, completing 21 of 28 passes, for 270 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The defense helped keep the ball rolling as well. After dropping a near-interception earlier in the game, junior linebacker Doug Hogue picked off an errant Smith pass and returned it 30 yards to the Maine 10-yard line, allowing Carter to barrel into the endzone from five yards out for another score.

The scoring pace slowed during the fourth quarter, with Syracuse and Maine trading touchdowns late in the game, securing a 41-24 Syracuse win.

The Orange have a very tough obstacle ahead of them, with the USF Bulls coming to the Dome off of a big upset of Florida State over the weekend.

Saturday, September 19, 2009




I cannot believe what i just saw. 2 Months ago Ryan Lichtenstein was merely just a kid headed off to college with no athletic aspirations. Now he boots the game winner for Doug Marrone's first game! Lichtenstein's Monster is ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE!

I'ma do this in a tip of the hat/wag of the finger format.

A tip of the hat t0.....

RYAN LICHTENSTEIN!-this shit explains itself. i shouldnt have to explain it because if you didnt watch the game you're not a fan anymore. by the way, he had 2 other field goals too.

GREG PAULUS-He outdid himself yet again goin 24-35 for 346 yards, 2 tds and a pick.

Mike Kafka- Give credit where it's due. he went 34-42 390 yards and 5 total TDs. such an impressive performance.

Mike Williams-Career high 11 receptions for 209 yards and a pair of TDs.

Dan Lyons- For getting on TV and getting front row seats. that's an accomplishment.

Stefan Demos-we love you. you can come back and miss extra points any time you want, we won't stop you.

A wag of the Finger to......

Da'mon Merkerson- Was there any reason for that kick catch interference call? i mean good effort but c'mon, a little common sense pleaseee?

Jim Mckenzie-Snaps looked better in the 2nd half but we're all going to be keeping an eye on him. the errant snap thing is a huge problem. you can say greg is distracted by your nice firm buttocks all you want but......

Ok you can say that. i'm speechless.

Friday, September 11, 2009



crazy kids....

Where are they Now?

Welcome to another edition of where are they now.
in my last edition, we explored the whereabouts of former Kickoff Specialist Niko Rechul, who was playing in the CDFL.

This week features 2 greg robinson era football players. The first was a starter on the defensive line for the orange. The second was supposed to play wide reciever, but never played a down due to academic issues. Both attended Thomas R. Proctor Hs in Utica, NY.

The first player is vincenzo giruzzi. Vincenzo is apparently at home at the moment because the other day i saw him helping with the speed training class we offer here at mohawk valley. A lineman teaching speed training.........?


What's also ironic is the kids in this class are actually doing legit work. A greg robinson coached football player is making kids puke...... hmm....

The second player is DeAndre Preaster. I have the privlege of seeing DeAndre every other day, Because he's in my intro to recreation class. And he appears to be paying attention. The other day our teacher sends us out to play frisbee because she didnt want to teach, this kid goes up for the disc and Deandre just comes over, levels the kid and catches the disc. Guess we missed out on his athleticism, but do you really want those Offensive pass interference calls?

Special thanks go out to the university of ottawa for keeping josh wright out of here. Utica, your credit cards are safe for democracy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tobias Harris

I have inside sources with Tobias Harris that are telling me that he won't be coming to Syracuse because we have too many guys in and around his position. With guys like Wes Johnson, Kris Joseph, CJ Fair, James Southerland and Mookie Jones, I can't blame him. So the question is, who will the 5th scholarship be now that Tobias Harris is out? Will it be Shaquille Thomas, another small forward with a great pedigree and length being the nephew of NBA SF Tim Thomas? Or Isaiah Sykes a 6'5 versatile shooting guard out of Michigan that can play all 3 perimeter positions according to espn.com?

Saturday, September 5, 2009




That's right folks, america's favorite backwards bathrobe is now available in a syracuse design! now we see who's a man of their word.... i'm looking at you andrew rush.......BUY ONE OR BE DISOWNED!

(Editor's note: Jake says he'll buy one to go with his syacuse colored Bud Light cans)

I just can't help but laugh that it had to pertain to NYC, despite NYC being 4 HOURS AWAY. get a grip dr. gross, it doesn't take a ph.d to know that's shitty marketing. and i've been in marketing class for..... 2 weeks now. take that DOCTOR gross. a kid with not even an associates just tore you a new ass hole. how do you like them APPLES?

(tee hee, get the joke?)

anyhow, what's next, a PAULUSPALOOZA snuggie? i'm sure that'll be a real FLOP in stores.
i need to cut the corny jokes.

Cue the.....

Disappointed Child(?)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


ray is not dead. I've had a lot of schoolwork as of late.
i'll keep you posted as to the prospects of a chat on saturday.