Friday, September 11, 2009

Where are they Now?

Welcome to another edition of where are they now.
in my last edition, we explored the whereabouts of former Kickoff Specialist Niko Rechul, who was playing in the CDFL.

This week features 2 greg robinson era football players. The first was a starter on the defensive line for the orange. The second was supposed to play wide reciever, but never played a down due to academic issues. Both attended Thomas R. Proctor Hs in Utica, NY.

The first player is vincenzo giruzzi. Vincenzo is apparently at home at the moment because the other day i saw him helping with the speed training class we offer here at mohawk valley. A lineman teaching speed training.........?


What's also ironic is the kids in this class are actually doing legit work. A greg robinson coached football player is making kids puke...... hmm....

The second player is DeAndre Preaster. I have the privlege of seeing DeAndre every other day, Because he's in my intro to recreation class. And he appears to be paying attention. The other day our teacher sends us out to play frisbee because she didnt want to teach, this kid goes up for the disc and Deandre just comes over, levels the kid and catches the disc. Guess we missed out on his athleticism, but do you really want those Offensive pass interference calls?

Special thanks go out to the university of ottawa for keeping josh wright out of here. Utica, your credit cards are safe for democracy.

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