Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Orange-Friars preview

Here it is kiddies:




Last game:
Syracuse lost vs louisville 67-57
Providence won at Seton Hall 98-93

Starting Lineups
SF: Efujuku


If Syracuse plans on winning:
1.Use your timeouts effectively. Syracuse is playing with severely limited resources tonight, to the point where we may see a little bit of brandon reese possibly, you never know.
2.Let Flynn be the catalyst. Flynn needs to be able to dribble penetrate on a consistent basis and keep the Providence defense guessing.
3.Let Flynn be a shooter. This will definitely help him be the catalyst considering i haven't seen him take too many threes lately. this will take some pressure off of devendorf as well.
4.Get back on defense. Providence loves to run a very, very quick offense, which is not good when you only have about 6 guys you can work with.
5.Feed Jackson the ball in the post. He's Struggled in his last 2 outings, and with onuaku not there to pick him up, giving Rick touches is going to be crucial.
6.No reverses for Kristof.

Key Player:
Paul Harris: Harris needs to be aggressive on the offensive boards tonight, something he has lacked in the past 3 games. If he can return to his old ways, he should be in double figures.

Geoff Mcdermott: One of the best BIGS in the big east. Loves to go to his left hand frequently like a certain fellow on our roster named arinze.

I'll be bouncing around tonight.
I'll post after the game


Monday, January 26, 2009

Recruiting Analysis

Doug Marrone and his crew aboard the S.S Cleanupaftergreg have been hauling the nets aboard, filled to the brim with tasty recruits that are certainly an upgrade from previous years. 4 commitments have been made in the last 24 hours, and i figure i should post video of each one i can find and provide my take on what their role on the team could be.
I'll be doing a few a day for the next few days(i'm waiting on OKU.)

Charley Loeb(QB)
6'4, 220 Pounds
Lawrence Academy, Massachussets

By the Numbers: Has a 4-to-1 TD to INT Ratio. Also is rather good looking..... no homo.
Sean at TNIAAM thought so too. Relatively good foot speed with a 4.6 40 time.

Video: none found

Torian Phillips(DB)
5'10, 166 pounds
Port Richmond HS, Staten Island

By the numbers:
Offensive:Rushed for 1,486 yards (10.8 average)... 20 receptions at 20.5 yards per catch, and 34 tds
Defensive:stats not found
other nuggets: NYC player of the year, led Port richmond to its first ever PSAL title.

Seems to be relatively quick, although most recruting services dont have him as such.
Personally i think hes a better tailback. Take a look:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Louisville Quick Hitters

Don't have a lot of time before the game begins, so i'll give you some quick stuff.
Expect a posting bonanza for the next week.

A couple of Links to Wet your appetite
  • Weight Training has really helped devo and rautins this season..... UticaOD
  • Should people REALLY be this critical of Jonny Flynn?.......

Some quick notes

  • Louisville comes into this game undefeated in big east play. The Orange will need to keep the defense in motion at all times if they expect to stay in the game.
  • Deepest sympathies go out to the NC State family following the death of coach Kay Yow, who lost her long battle with cancer yesterday.
  • The orange need to cut off the passing lanes when Terrence williams has the rock. He's a great distributor, almost as good as jonny flynn.

Ok im out of time, game's coming on.

I'll talk at the half with the 3 idiots, and ill post some goodies postgame.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Orangemen,prepare for glory

First of all, Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I'm a lazy ass, what can i say?

Well tonight's the night orange nation. We are plunging into a brave new world, a deep abyss, if you will. Here's tonights game preview for you.

7pm tip, ESPN

Last Games: Syracuse won at home against a loaded Notre Dame team by a final score of 93-74.
Pittsburgh lost to Louisville, 63-69

If Syracuse plans on winning:
1. This pittsburgh team loves to run with the ball, Limit their fast break opportunities by not turning the rock over.
2.Expose Pitt's bench for what it's worth. Tire the starters out and force them to put their subs on the floor.
3.Feed Rick Jackson. Rick has been unstoppable since the Big East Schedule began. Feed him the ball in the post and let him make it happen. Unfortunately for us, pitt likes to double team in the post, so if nothing else, Boeheim will tell him to take the rock and dish it to onuaku on the opposite side once the double arrives.
4.Test Andy's hand early. Get him a few open looks and see if he's knocking them down. Then adjust the game plan from there.
5.Look alive on defense. This is going to be difficult without 30,000 fans keeping you awake, but it's going to decide this game.

Key Players:
Jonny Flynn- The kid turns it on whenever he pleases, he's goign to be the catalyst for everything the orange does tonight.
Andy Rautins- If he's open, give him the rock. as long as he keeps making his 3's, I dont think its possible for us to lose

DeJuan Blair- A beast on the glass that can make a missed 3 pointer into an easy putback for the deuce. Onuaku needs to keep the hip on him and away from the glass.

I'll be chatting over with the 3 idiots during the second half tonight.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ray's Demotivational poster of the day 1/13

Ok another new feature, here's whats going on. On a regular basis i will be posting some new original demotivational posters. Most will be syracuse related, and others are just really funny to read. So today i start you off with a couple pertaining to the great game of football, and a bit of historical humor for you.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The NEW Orange Fan's Lexicon

Last night i had the privlege of chatting over at T3I about the Depaul Game, and several new, relevant terms came out of this chat. I encourage you all to write Merriam-Webster to let them know how meaningful these words are.

Waffle(verb)-Missing an atrociously easy layup by choosing to complicate it with a much more difficult move.(i.e a reverse)

Whip it(verb)-An excellent inside shot by Devo.

Whip it good(Verb)-Drano from downtown by mr. devendorf.

Spurty(adjective)-Inconsistent, often used to describe a team's frequent transitions from being red-hot to colder than pluto.

Grand Slam(Noun)-A Dunk By Arinze Onuaku, also a baseball term and a delicious breakfast at Denny's.
(Editor's Note: They did NOT pay me to say that)

Grand Slam Slugger(noun)-A Coast-To-Coast slam by Arinze Onuaku

Peanut Butter Cup(proper noun)-Brandon Reese

And now a few of my own originals.....

Devendorfed(verb)-the act of an extremely hard foul, preferably on a female player in a pickup game

The look(noun)-a major sign that Jimmy is not happy.

Fro down(noun)- Any time paul harris slams it home while sporting his other do

FAIL(noun)-see also: sean williams.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daytime Underoos, entry 1 of 2

For a Depaul Preview, Consult TNIAAM or

i mean id totally love to do one but im too busy watching cash cab.

And now the irrelevant awards that are given out, and yet no one cares.

Bitchslapper of the year-Eric Devendorf.
Devo whipped it, and whipped it good.

TV Salesman of the year- The creepy shamWOW guy.......

Gregism of the year- "Maybe it'll snowball into something that can catch fire"

Among it's other accolades
Greatest Gregism Winner, TNIAAM
My senior quote for the yearbook
Ammunition for the folks at home to further verbally urinate on G-Rob.

Livechat quote of the year-"I so wanna punch devo in the ACL"

I'll be over chatting with the 3 idiots tonight, Expect a chat from me on saturday.

I'll be back postgame for some discussion.

until then,

Saturday, January 3, 2009

acceptance speech time!

"I humbly accept this award. I'm shocked and overwhelmed, I don't know what to say.I'd like to thank Mom, Dad and OJ Simpson for being such wonderful influences on my life.For my next act, I plan on commenting on posts on this blog that are more than 30 days old."
-Russianator, accepting the dirty undies award

I'll have a couple for you tomorrow and a list of the "daytime underoos", aka the little things no one cares about that deserve recognition.


Friday, January 2, 2009


8pm eastern standard time for pregame.
8:30 pm tip.
be here, or be a hoya.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

golden underoos: the dirty undies award

Today's first award is something of a slightly different nature, but like my other awards, it's improvised.

The Dirty Undies Award for Procrastinator of the year!

A few days ago, the following comment was left on my seton hall pregame post. it read:

"Looking forward to it - I finally got off my ass and added to the our blogroll - my apologies for the delay"

Funny story, this happened about a month and a half after it was really supposed to be.

and so i give out a special pair of dirty undies to........

Russianator of the three idiots!

what do you mean i dont know what i'm talking about? well of course, i figured i should have a pair of poor, innocent, forgotten dirty undies as the award. maybe this'll remind him to do his laundry if he forgets that too once in a while.

i'll wait on his acceptance speech and post here if appropriate.