Monday, January 19, 2009

Orangemen,prepare for glory

First of all, Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I'm a lazy ass, what can i say?

Well tonight's the night orange nation. We are plunging into a brave new world, a deep abyss, if you will. Here's tonights game preview for you.

7pm tip, ESPN

Last Games: Syracuse won at home against a loaded Notre Dame team by a final score of 93-74.
Pittsburgh lost to Louisville, 63-69

If Syracuse plans on winning:
1. This pittsburgh team loves to run with the ball, Limit their fast break opportunities by not turning the rock over.
2.Expose Pitt's bench for what it's worth. Tire the starters out and force them to put their subs on the floor.
3.Feed Rick Jackson. Rick has been unstoppable since the Big East Schedule began. Feed him the ball in the post and let him make it happen. Unfortunately for us, pitt likes to double team in the post, so if nothing else, Boeheim will tell him to take the rock and dish it to onuaku on the opposite side once the double arrives.
4.Test Andy's hand early. Get him a few open looks and see if he's knocking them down. Then adjust the game plan from there.
5.Look alive on defense. This is going to be difficult without 30,000 fans keeping you awake, but it's going to decide this game.

Key Players:
Jonny Flynn- The kid turns it on whenever he pleases, he's goign to be the catalyst for everything the orange does tonight.
Andy Rautins- If he's open, give him the rock. as long as he keeps making his 3's, I dont think its possible for us to lose

DeJuan Blair- A beast on the glass that can make a missed 3 pointer into an easy putback for the deuce. Onuaku needs to keep the hip on him and away from the glass.

I'll be chatting over with the 3 idiots during the second half tonight.

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