Thursday, January 8, 2009

The NEW Orange Fan's Lexicon

Last night i had the privlege of chatting over at T3I about the Depaul Game, and several new, relevant terms came out of this chat. I encourage you all to write Merriam-Webster to let them know how meaningful these words are.

Waffle(verb)-Missing an atrociously easy layup by choosing to complicate it with a much more difficult move.(i.e a reverse)

Whip it(verb)-An excellent inside shot by Devo.

Whip it good(Verb)-Drano from downtown by mr. devendorf.

Spurty(adjective)-Inconsistent, often used to describe a team's frequent transitions from being red-hot to colder than pluto.

Grand Slam(Noun)-A Dunk By Arinze Onuaku, also a baseball term and a delicious breakfast at Denny's.
(Editor's Note: They did NOT pay me to say that)

Grand Slam Slugger(noun)-A Coast-To-Coast slam by Arinze Onuaku

Peanut Butter Cup(proper noun)-Brandon Reese

And now a few of my own originals.....

Devendorfed(verb)-the act of an extremely hard foul, preferably on a female player in a pickup game

The look(noun)-a major sign that Jimmy is not happy.

Fro down(noun)- Any time paul harris slams it home while sporting his other do

FAIL(noun)-see also: sean williams.

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