Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daytime Underoos, entry 1 of 2

For a Depaul Preview, Consult TNIAAM or

i mean id totally love to do one but im too busy watching cash cab.

And now the irrelevant awards that are given out, and yet no one cares.

Bitchslapper of the year-Eric Devendorf.
Devo whipped it, and whipped it good.

TV Salesman of the year- The creepy shamWOW guy.......

Gregism of the year- "Maybe it'll snowball into something that can catch fire"

Among it's other accolades
Greatest Gregism Winner, TNIAAM
My senior quote for the yearbook
Ammunition for the folks at home to further verbally urinate on G-Rob.

Livechat quote of the year-"I so wanna punch devo in the ACL"

I'll be over chatting with the 3 idiots tonight, Expect a chat from me on saturday.

I'll be back postgame for some discussion.

until then,

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