Saturday, September 5, 2009



That's right folks, america's favorite backwards bathrobe is now available in a syracuse design! now we see who's a man of their word.... i'm looking at you andrew rush.......BUY ONE OR BE DISOWNED!

(Editor's note: Jake says he'll buy one to go with his syacuse colored Bud Light cans)

I just can't help but laugh that it had to pertain to NYC, despite NYC being 4 HOURS AWAY. get a grip dr. gross, it doesn't take a ph.d to know that's shitty marketing. and i've been in marketing class for..... 2 weeks now. take that DOCTOR gross. a kid with not even an associates just tore you a new ass hole. how do you like them APPLES?

(tee hee, get the joke?)

anyhow, what's next, a PAULUSPALOOZA snuggie? i'm sure that'll be a real FLOP in stores.
i need to cut the corny jokes.

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Russianator said...

You guys have no idea, I've got a closet of snuggies just waiting to meet winter's wrath.