Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mikhail Marinovich

... is engaged.

you heard it here first.

best wishes from all of us on a happy, healthy marriage mikhail.

in soviet russia, pants wear the you in relationship your.


in other news......

  • The Georgetown game is THIS MONDAY. I expect to see all of you in attendance. If not you will automatically be deemed an ass and sent to live out the rest of your days in every orange fan's private hell: washington, D.C. You can be John Thompson's Neighbor.

  • On that note, GEORGETOWN STILL SUCKS T-Shirts are still available i believe. contact Dan for the details.

  • A new Shut It Down Hooded Sweatshirt Is Available. I heard this one from the Man himself. Thanks Wes.

  • CNY Network Television has dropped to a new all time low. We have put our postseason fates into the hand of a...... dog? The good news: He picked the Final Four. Good Boy.

  • and finally, the impossible has happened. CBS's Gary Parrish admited that his duke bias is a problem and that syracuse is a better team. God Bless You. You have begun the basketball 12 step program, which ends with you declaring syracuse will be the national champion. Hurry up.

However, you MIGHT wanna ditch the Jersey Shore Look.....

Or an angry horde of rutgers fans will find you. All 10 of them. It's pretty much safe to say they dont have fans anymore.

Anyhow, that's today's news.
Remember kids, Georgetown still Sucks.

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