Saturday, February 27, 2010


Cuse 95

Wildcats 77!

What a game.

What an atmosphere.

What a Night!

2 top 10 teams going at it always provides an entertaining show. and this one was no exception. Just look at what was on the line heading in:

-Big East Regular Season Title

-1 seed in the BET

-1 seed in the NCAA tourney perhaps?

and best of all, what lucky fan was going to get an up close and personal view of this?

All Together now.....

The answer to that by the way, was a fan who happened to pay 35 dollars to sit at the other end of the carrier dome. i guess you could say in the end he had the best view in the building.

getting to the highlights....

5 things i liked about tonight's game

  1. the atmosphere. tonight just totally cemented our place as possibly the greatest fanbase in all of collegiate basketball. nearly 35,000 fans taking in a regular season game at an on campus arena, even going so far as to pay 35 bucks to sit in the sticks? now that's special. The return of the dome ranger was a definite plus as well, lets keep him full time. 45 year old men with 2 knee braces know how to get the job done.
  2. The ball movement. They've been unselfish all year, but this night was truly special. Andy rautins had at least 8 assists, 6 players were in double figures, and the fast break they ran late in the game couldnt have been done much better. the ball barely hit the deck from the time rautins touched it to the time jackson finished with the easy lay-in at the other end. simply unreal.
  3. Scoop's composure. scoop's been streaky ever since he arrived in the salt city, and came up huge down the stretch to help the orange pull away. 1 turnover between him and triche in the 2nd half is just a sight to behold.
  4. The zone was at it's best tonight. great hands, great traps, great pressure. the cats shot the ball well early, but eventually the pace of the game starts to whither a team's ability to shoot consistently from the perimeter particularly when the shots are contested.
  5. WE'RE NUMBER 1!

No negatives tonight.

It's good to be back!