Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cuse-Nova Vids

C'mon Nova, Was this really necessary?

I'm hiding underneath my T3I branded Orange Snuggie as i type this.

Not only can the kids at nova play hoops, they also can lace up the old dance whites every once in a while.

Our team should do this at halftime of all home football games. Imagine the drecrease in empty seats when we all find out that Paul Harris will sport his fro and begin singing and dancing a medley of 1970s disco hits at halftime.

Some Suggestions
A duet with eric devendorf on the Village people's "In the Navy" since the us government(er... the SU JUDICIAL BOARD) will force him to enlist and complete a tour of duty in order to return to school the next time he "high fives" a woman in the face.

The hustle- A dance which is named after something paul harris never does.

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