Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Even Geniuses Need To Sleep

I seem to be getting sucked into a vicious cycle of only posting between 1 and 2 days a week. Partially because im busy, and also partially because i'm lazy. I promise, I will be posting before AND after the UCONN game tomorrow. Bear with me.

I'm gonna make this brief because Sleep is a definite must in the next 10 minutes. Here's what's going on around the SU Nation:

  • Football Recruiting season still is not over for us, 4-Star All purpose back David Oku has yet to announce his college decision publically, and this could stretch wayyy into next week. We do know one thing however, the kid has a Serious Orange Fetish.

    I mean c'mon..... Auburn, Syracuse, Tennesee......... I don't know if you see a pattern there, but I do.
  • Rumor has it that the Big East may not be a 10 bid league after all. We can all find solace in the fact that the schools fucking the whole conference over are the two with the most popular hate websites in all of college basketball, Ladies and Gentlemen, Let's hear it for.......

    Whoregetown, and Notre Lame!

    They are also the only 2 schools on the face of this earth that should have lost all national accreditation due to the fact that they are nothing more than training grounds for international Sports Following Terrorists that believe the team with the most fans is automatically superior, despite how they actually perform on the field. 24-21, notre dame fans. Need i say more?
  • The spring game for football will once again be abbreviated. Although it will be abbreviated, there is no way in hell it could compare to last year's THUDtastic horror. Marrone is said to also be bringing back cleat burning at the cuse, after G-rob put an end to the practice.

Well i think i briefly(sort of) got you caught up on all IMPORTANT(villanova? tisk tisk) things Syracuse

Until Tomorrow,

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