Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our NBA Draft, By the numbers part 1:JONNY!

With the NBA draft approaching, the pre draft measurements have been made public and with that the speculation on who is going where can begin. Here's my take on the 3 guys we have in the draft and the physical attributes they bring to the table.

PG Jonny Flynn
5'11 without shoes
-Really not an issue when you're a guard, there's smaller guys out there on the floor. MUCH smaller. What was Spud Webb, like 5'3. We'll take it.

196 pounds
-he's got quite the muscles for a smaller guy. i'm 4 inches taller and 40 pounds lighter, so jonny's been hitting the weights, which is a definite key to nba success. Although combined with an inability to finish, it could be a waste of time(I'm looking at YOU Paul Harris!).

6'4 wingspan
-if he was a center, i'd call that pathetic. but for a 5'11 point guard, this is awesome news. Many people believe that a person's wingspan is as much as their height. so A+ on his wingspan.

40 inch vertical.
-I'm speechless. that's the best in the draft.

10 bench reps
-Very, Very good for a guard. Like i said earlier, the kid's got some guns

And he goes to..........
Where else do i want to put him, going with the 8th overall pick to the New York Knicks, which seems like a realistic placement. For a change my opinion may not fail me.

Coming tomorrow:Paul Harris

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