Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slow news?

Last couple of weeks have been slow for news and i've had a lot to do outside of the national title game and stuff. here's whats going on folks.

Word on the street is former SU Football player Quinn Ojinakka has been arrested following a domestic dispute. Police say that apparently he shoved his wife down a flight of stairs, then spit on her. Devo, you've been one upped.

Athlon Has us ranked 80th in their annual big east preview, now 80th may STILL seem worthless until you realize that many polls have us out of the top 100. and now the investigation begins, who paid off their writers?

Paul Chiara is now a member of the panthers, joining such brave, greg robinson coached souls like joe fields and the AMAZING Tony Fiametta. Who woulda thought ANYONE would be making a living from his coaching?

Coming Later:Who on earth is going to draft jonny flynn?

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