Monday, May 25, 2009

let the games begin.....

Here it is folks, your 2009 NCAA Lacrosse Championship Preview.

This one should be a doozy as both teams appear to be playing the best they have all season(otherwise, they wouldnt be here)

Cornell (13-3)
12.4 goals per game, 8.3 allowed, 41.3 shots per game

13.1 goals per game, 7.3 allowed, 41 shots per game

Last game:Cornell beat Virginia 15-6
Syracuse raped Duke 17-7.

Last time they met: Syracuse won 15-10

When the Orange have the ball: Nims and Jamieson will get theirs, but look for a variety of players to step in and comprise the rest of the offense for the orange. Aside from nims, not one single player has been the true fuel for the Attackmen this spring. The one thing they need to remember is not to be afraid to run one in every once in a while so that the defense is on their toes at all times. then, dish it off for a quick stick when they've gotten used to that.

When the Big Red have it: Like syracuse, this team LOVES to shoot. look for Attackman Rob Pannell to, like nims, get his. And he also has a great supporting cast. Unfortunately, they go up against the nasty Syracuse Defense today and that is why they won't win this game.

Final prediction: Syracuse 15, Cornell 11

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