Monday, August 24, 2009

Shit hits the fan in....

12 days.
you heard me.

12 days until the Orange open against the Minnesota Golden Gophers at the Carrier dome. 12 short months ago, we had a bumbling idiot at the helm who knew less about football than Tim McCarver does about baseball. Time flies when you don't have much to look forward to...... or do we? Here's your first set of legit preseason notes for the season:

-Some contoversy as to the progression of the offensive line, Adkins is optimistic, and Marrone?..... The exact opposite. Guess who gets voted off the island this year if things don't work out?

August 23rd: "The offensive line has to come around," Marrone said. "We're not getting new players there."

Ahh... the power of negativity.

-Marrone held a 150 play controlled scrimmage behind closed doors saturday. At least we think that's what happened..... No further comment.

-Greg Paulus is still the starter, kind of a good sign considering some people thought he wouldnt last a week back in pads. Maybe he finally learned to control his flopping.... i don't know do i look psychic to you?

Marrone's been relatively hush-hush in the past week, which either means things are going REALLY good, or they've just elevated to a new level of suckification. Maybe we'll know more this week.

Until tomorrow,

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