Sunday, March 15, 2009

And Now, we wait..........

With the Tournament Bracket being unveiled in less than 2 hours time, here's a final look at our resume:

In a few hours we'll know where the Orange stand in the NCAA Tournament. Let's take one final look at the resume the committee will be dissecting to decide what SU is ranked, where they play and who they'll be playing.

Record: 26-9

Big East Record (Including BET): 14-8

OOC Record: 12-1

RPI: 12th (out of 343)

Key OOC Wins: Memphis, Kansas, Florida

Key OOC Losses: Cleveland State

Key BET Wins: UConn (BET), Marquette

Key BET Losses: Pitt, UConn, Villanova (2), Louisville (2)

Record vs RPI Top Ten: 2-4

Record vs RPI Top Twenty-Five: 5-6

Last Ten Games: 8-2

NCAA Tourney Opponents: Cleveland St. (L), Cornell (W), Louisville (2 L),

Other opponents still waiting: Florida, Providence(L)

(Thanks for the whole thing sean)

Now the question gets posed: What have we really done that will make us look superior to many of the other teams we know are in?

1.We're undefeated in overtime games this year.
2.We're undefeated against Tournament-Bound West Virginia
3.We handed a highly overrated memphis team their last loss.
(Jesus christ, their conference REALLY sucks)
4.We have the greatest homoerotic poser on the face of the planet.
5.He's also got the strongest pimp hand in division 1.
6.We had only one more loss than the football team! and more games!
7.We beat Notre Dame convincingly and it wasnt considered a miracle.
8.the creation of several new basketball terms such as the SLAMWOW
9.The Breakfast Bunch.
10.The thought that theoretically we could be 2-0 against UConn this season.
10 and a half. I'll Stop.... Right.... There. You've seen enough.

What have we done wrong?
1.We lost more than 0 games.
2.Cleveland State *Cough cough*
3.Devo's high fiving antics nearly got him kicked off the team.
4.We're playing with 7 guys again
5. Getting swept by nova doesnt help.
6. We made a poor innocent man piss his pants.
7. We caused many other drunk BET Attendees to stumble down the stairs and require the assistance of more than 3 ushers in addition to the 2 poor fans he just fell on, and in the process he spilled their beers.
8.That Disconcerting road loss to georgetown(NIT Bubble team).
9.Devendorf inconvenienced several committee members on the highway.

Where will we be seeded: This depends on how much the tournament committee actually likes us now that they know if they seed us lower than a 4 they can never show their face in syracuse again. They'll wind up on the blacklist, just like tim higgins, Doug Gottleib, and every other bum that left syracuse out of their top 25. If i had to take a wild stab we'll wind up as a 3, a 2 if they like us, and a 4 if they really dare to make syracusians so upset that they will cry in to their T3I Orange Snuggies for days on end while they wait for us to drop our first rounder again.

Thats all i have to say for now, all we can really do is wait and hope for the best.
Knock on wood.

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