Friday, March 20, 2009

NCAA First Round Preview

Folks, Our Day has come. Today we will tip off at 12:15 beat the ass of a team who hasnt even been to the tournament, and lock up our first NCAA tournament victory in 1,825 days. We haven't won an ncaa tournament game as long as ive been in high school, heres hoping i dont have to partake in the walk of shame for the 5th consecutive year.

Here's today's starting lineups:

Stephen F. Austin
PG:Eric Bell

Tiny, quick guard who can get dribble penetration in the blink of an eye, but he's never seen a player like Flynn before.

SG:Eddie Williams

Loves to take the ball to the basket frequently, very similar to devendorf in that aspect.

SF:Josh Alexander

Small(and by that i mean im taller than him), but athletic forward who can step back and take the deep jumper. Harris needs to be in his face at all times to limit his effectiveness.

PF: Nick Shaw

Veteran forward with a playing style similar to that of our very own KRISTOF!. Gets plenty of boards, but he's practically worthless on the offensive end.

C:Matt Kingsley

Solid post presence who has something onuaku doesnt have: a jumper.


Syracuse Key to the game: Start fast. I dont know how to put it, many other 2 and 3 seeds have already nearly been bounced because they allowed other teams to keep pace. Let flynn control the tempo and just score as quickly as possible.

Xs And Os:Austin runs a basic Zone offense with either the power forward or center flashing to the high post. Then dumping it off for a backdoor layup or popping it out for the open 3.

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