Monday, April 6, 2009

A bit of Orange Poetry

I wrote thefollowing piece for my school's annual poetry slam. Enjoy!

We went through November without a loss,
No ACL Tears, keep your fingers crossed.
We thought this team was going to be great.
But first let’s get a few facts straight.

December came, the team looked nice
The players lacked blood, instead it was ice.
Through Memphis, Kansas, and the florida gators,
3 wins to silence all the haters.

Then there was one lonely night in December,
An event which we try not to remember.
The one night we didn’t play so great,
So we lost to a school called Cleveland state?

A 60 footer that should not have gone in,
Left us all thinking “why didn’t we win?”
Boeheim was stressed, his cheeks turned red,
And more gray hairs jumped ship off his head.

Then something else happened, it’s since been put to bed
Devendorf slapping girls in the head.
Was kicked off the team, what a disgrace
Then he said he simply high fived her face.

To get back on the team to fufill his wishes,
He wound up washing tons of dishes
And getting interviewed by every reporter
Like his case belonged on law and order

Many weeks passed, the guys played with reason
And gave jimmy b 30 20 win seasons.
Wins over Marquette, Georgetown, and notre dame.
Syracuse would never quite be the same.

These men were led by a guy named Flynn,
Who knew nothing more than breathing and wins.
Of course we still knocked on wood,
For the many other times we THOUGHT we were good

The big east tourney had a wonderful first night
Seton hall’s Harvey just came to fight.
But then again he picked the wrong guy.
If I saw devo, I’d be ready to die.

The next night came and to all surprise,
We played like a team that was on the rise
We gave jim Calhoun plenty of fits,
On a night that the fans would never forget.

1.1 seconds left devendorf with the shot,
It’s good, hold on a second, maybe it’s not.
The officials talk, they just cant agree,
Sorry folks, it’s time for OT.

The first one started fast, Syracuse was flat,
Andy rautins would have none of that
He drained his shots, the kid was insane
His shooting prowess extended the game.

The game dragged on for 5 more overtimes
It stole so much sleep it was such a crime
You’d like to go to sleep at the end of the day,
But its like a car wreck, you cant look away.

By the 6th overtime, 8 players were out,
A walk on was in, we just had our doubts.
Everyone thought, “o no not again”
But rautins would bring the game to an end.

The NCAA committee thought we were great,
With all the wins in a tough big east slate
The tourney came along, and we looked mean
And marched ourselves into the sweet sixteen.

It was there the men in orange met their match.
We counted our chickens before they hatched
It was so disappointing, all I did was shake,
While we were dismantled by a gorilla named blake.

Regardless, we showed some guts this year,
Next year we should be the one’s to fear.
With so many guys back, lets do this again.
National Champions 2010.

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