Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flynn on Flynn

Sounds like a bad gay porno, doesnt it?

down to business....

So the speculation has officially ended once and for all, Jonny signed on the dotted line and all i can do is sit back and pray he's a knick, life sucks.

Ryan miller sat down with jonny in order to get the truth out and jonny had this to say.

"It really was hard to leave Syracuse, the city I've grown to love and fans I've grown to love, but at the end of the day I had to do what was best for me and my family and what you feel is best in your heart," Flynn told Miller. "I hope the fans can understand where I'm coming from. It was a hard decision but hopefully fans won't have a bad feeling whenever Jonny Flynn's name is brought up. I loved college basketball and loved representing the city of Syracuse."

Jonny Flynn.
I just had a slightly bad feeling about that.

to put it simply, i think he should have waited to sign an agent until he had gone through pre draft workouts. Why put it on the line when nothing is guaranteed? I have no clue, stuff just doesnt add up.

As for Harris, the "releasegate" saga continues to unfold. Absolutely no one seems to know his intentions and the ones who claim to know have completely conflicting stories, let's take a page from the team's book and try not to worry about it too much. Like AO for example:

"It doesn't really change the way you prepare," "Either way, you would attack the (off-season) the same way, whether they were here or not."

Well said, he's the second coming of Shaquille "Big Aristotle, Shaqtus, and millions of other nicknames i can't remember" O'Neal. Except maybe just a hair shorter. Just a hair......

Note: a "hair" appears to be about 4 inches in this case, Grow a 'Fro Arinze.

If harris leaves, i think he may wind up stuck in the d-league, he has an excellent frame but sometimes doesn't use it to it's full potential. He absolutely MUST work on that if he wishes to go to the NBA and contribute.

Editor's Note: The only way this would have been any worse is if Flynn ends up as a New Jersey Net or if his agent was Scott Boras.

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