Friday, April 17, 2009

They Tryin to make him go to rehab........

And he said yes, yes, yes?

I'm talking about SU Football ManChild Arthur Jones and his recovery from his Pectoral(whatever that is) injury. According to the Darryl Gross Propaganda Machine, All is going as planned and Jones has resumed running and doing some sport specific activities. Bring on the Thud Drills........ oy. No timetable on his return.

In other football news........... Paulusgate continues to unfold as one more dumbass Duke Student cannot make up his ever loving mind on what he would like to do with his life. Taking ballroom dancing and basket weaving whereever he goes will be the least of his worries.........

Wait.... what life? he goes to duke.
Anyhow i'll say he sucks and leave the topic for Dan to discuss, he's really into this topic right now.

Expect a report on tonight's lax game from him. i'm gonna try to watch it if it's on time warner but i make no guarantees.

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