Sunday, April 26, 2009

Professionally Orange

Day two of the NFL Draft saw a few Orangemen fulfill their dreams of becoming professional football players at the highest level.

The first player to go was FB Tony Fiammetta in the 4th round.  Fiammetta, 
Captain of last year's team, was the first Fullback taken, with the 128th pick by the Carolina Panthers.   

Carolina is definitely a good spot for Tony.  Many teams have gone away from the Fullback position completely, but Carolina has embraced it.  They currently have veteran Brad Hoover filling the role, a player Tony admires and models his game after:

" I've noticed his consistency and his professionalism. It seems like every play matters to him. Just watching him last year, he was on fire from the fullback position. He was making blocks everywhere and opening up holes. If I can get to that level one day I would be more than excited."

The other Orangeman
 selected in today's draft was Guard Ryan Durand.  

Durand, a three year starter for the Orange, and recipient of various accolades including 2nd-Team All Big East, was taken by the Tennessee Titans 239th overall in the drafts 7th and final round.  

During his conference call with the media, Durand discussed his versatility:

"Right now they are looking at me as a guard but I feel like I can play different places if need be, maybe move me out to tackle. It depends on their need and my ability to fill that need."

One other Orangeman has latched on with an NFL team today.  Donnie Webb reports that Runningback Curtis Brinkley has signed a free agent deal with the San Diego Chargers.

Other former players look to land with teams, including Linebacker Jake Flaherty and Kicker Pat Shadle.

Congratulations to Tony, Ryan, and Boonah, and good luck to the rest of the players looking to keep the dream alive.


It is 9:53, and Georgetown still sucks!

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