Saturday, April 18, 2009

Great Danes < Greater Orange

Men's Lacrosse: 

Syracuse- 15
Albany- 13

Now this is my first season really into Lacrosse, so I'm learning on the run here at SU.  However, one thing is pretty obvious to anyone who was in the Dome tonight, even a Lax neophyte like myself- this team has some holes. 

We came on like gang busters, soaring to a quick 10-2 lead in the first half, outshooting the Danes 29-10 and winning 8/11 faceoffs- it was a dominant performance.

Now I'll touch on our fanbase for a section.  It is well documented that we don't get enough fans out to these games, especially students.  Our "break the record" night for Virginia was a resounding success and we had a decent turnout for Cornell as well.  However, our fans are inconsistant at best, and while tonight wasn't our worst effort, something peculiar happened at halftime.  A lot of people left.

Some may have left because the game seemed like it was out of hand, some probably 
left because of goddamn T-Pain and his concert on campus which was starting at 8.  It was disheartening.  

Within the first three minutes of the third quarter, not only were our fans gone, but our defense was nowhere to be seen.  Sources tell me they may have been on a boat somewhere.  I know the song is funny, but we can't let these hip-hop stars and their funny hats distract our play, not with a final four on the line.  I want to go to Massachusetts in May!

Anyway, the Danes outscored us 8-1 in the third quarter, cutting our once safe looking 10-2 lead to 11-10.  All was not well.  

And then Kevin Drew made the play of the game.  

After winning the opening faceoff, Albany's Brandon Gleason went to pass the ball back to the net, when Kevin Drew checked his stick at what ended up being the perfect moment, and the ball sailed into the empty Albany net.  Syracuse went on to score two more goals in the opening 75 seconds of the fourth quarter, and while the defense was still probably sailing on Lake Onondaga somewhere, the victory was had.


The first Spring Game of the Doug Marrone era is tomorrow at 1 pm at the Dome.  The gates open at 11.  Be there, or Doug Marrone will take you on in the Oklahoma drill.  And he will win.

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