Friday, April 17, 2009

Why ME?

Me and Dan were doing some fooling around with google image search, seeing that we have nothing better to do at 12:30 A.M than see what comes up when we put in justin thomas on google in an attempt to get a picture of him doing jumping jacks.

Transsexuals anyone?

That's not even the worst part, then i did a search for john thompson and the following picture came up.

This is absolutely mind boggling for a multitude of reasons

1.I had no idea John Thompson posessed any special talents other than coaching horrible basketball teams.

2.those dudes are just ugly enough to be his players.

and the worst part

3.I learned how to play piano from that book, thus scarring many memories of my childhood. FML.

Thanks John Thompson, and remember, if it makes you shit and its a disease, well then Dr. Boeheim can call it a shitting disease, fuckface.

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