Monday, April 20, 2009

The Interview of the Century is here.......

Unfortunately it's not Ernie Davis's Ghost, but i guess i got the next best thing. I had the fortunes of getting an interview with the man himself, SU Punter Rob Long.

Without Further Adieu.........

RB:From a player's perspective, what has been the biggest adjustment you've had to make between Coach Robinson and Coach Marrone?
RL:From a players perspective the biggest change has been the discipline and accountablility that the players are held to.

RB:When you started your freshman year, you came onto this team with some large shoes to fill after Brendan Carney graduated. What was that like for you?
RL:It was a pretty wild experience, but I wasn't there to try and out do Brendan, I was just there to contribute the best that I could to the team and not to put too much pressure on myself.

RB:In the 2007 Buffalo game, you were called on to punt on third down, what was going through your mind?
RL:I wasn't really sure, but its not my job to question the coaches decisions I am just there to do my job.

RB:I understand there's a bit of a roster issue in finding a kicker for the season, is there a possibility we could see you kicking field goals?
RL:I think that there is a possiblity of anything, but as of right now I have been asked to hold and that is what I will do. If they feel the need to call on me to kick Ill be ready to step up.

RB:Marrone has been relatively good about keeping practices open to the public, do a lot of people come over to see what you are working on?
RL:I think that people are going to practices to see the offense and defense but Ill always catch some people looking over trying to figure out what we are up too. They generally turn away in confusion.

RB:Describe your team in one word.

RB:What has been your longest kick in practice this spring?
RL:I think the longest one in the air from the line of scrimmage was 62 yards.

RB:Speaking of kicking, your leg has to be pretty strong, approximately how much do you leg press?
RL:Ya know I am not really big on the heavy lifting and its been some time since I was on a leg press so I dont think I could give you an accurate answer on that one

RB:Is there any game on this year's schedule that really stands out to you?
RL:@ Penn State. Lot of kids in my area went on to go to school there and everyone in my area is a big Penn State fan and I'd love nothing more than to get that win.

and the inevitable question..........

RB:What were you thinking when you found out someone named their blog after you?
RL: Haha I wasn't sure what to think someone told me about it and I wasn't sure if they were messin with me or not until I checked it out for myself. But once I saw it I thought that people have too much time on their hands.

Special Thanks go out to Rob for taking the time to answer the questions in the midst of spring practices and upcoming finals. Look for interviews from such folks as Former SU Basketball Star Ryan Blackwell, just to name one.

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I am now forever humbled by your blog after this shining interview.

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