Friday, December 19, 2008

All hands on deck....

Well, apparently for the next couple of games it could be a very bumpy ride for the orange. Devendorf won't play, and flynn may see less minutes than we anticipated due to a knee injury sustained on wednesday night. So this leaves us with a few problems.

First of all,if flynn doesnt start, who's going to start?

Here's my best guess






Where are the Homoerotic Photographs we know and love going to come from now?

here are your candidates......

Andy Rautins, he looks like he's enjoying the view in this picture

Kristof! Who says europeans cant be sensitive towards their fellow man?

No one knows what happened next.........

He doesnt appear to be intent on letting go, despite this player's attempt to escape.

Kristof is big pimpin, at least in his own fantasy world.
Conclusion: Kristof loves embracing African-American Men.
No more nominees, Kristof wins by unanimous decision.
But the most important question is.....
Can we win this game?: I'm going to be optimistic about this and say YES we can win this game. If flynn plays over 23 minutes and memphis has more turnovers than we do, i think winning this ballgame is a definite possibility.
some other things that will decide the game
-Can someone please feed arinze the ball?
a little fun fact if you havent heard: Arinze hasnt missed more than 3 shots in a game this season, and last i checked his FG percentage was around 80, which is an unheard of number.
-Without Devo, Can the Orange take care of the basketball better?
I think so. I mean Devendorf is playing like he's Gerry Mcnamara. The team gets in a hole and he thinks he has to be the hero and "save the day". Unlike Gerry, Devo got mashed to a pulp every time he has tried this. He's an interior Donte Greene, he takes it to the rack no matter how horrible the shot selection may be.
-Can Kristof be the savior?
Yes he can, He's beginning to go into 07-08 late season Form Already, Especially after a nice effort vs. Long Beach State. If there's a double team on flynn, harris, or onuaku, and he stays out of foul trouble, The Waffle could have a field day against the Memphis defense.
How many Minutes will Mookie Jones See?
With devo out, i expect to see mookie get a few more minutes, i believe he'll play between 12 and 15 minutes of this ballgame just to keep fresh legs on the floor.
What will ultimately win or lose the game for the orange?
Its going to be a tight ballgame, so im just going to say the Presence, And/Or absence of a 60 foot desperation heave by memphis.
Prediction: Syracuse 78, Memphis 75
Come here for a livechat during the game tomorrow.
After wednesday's chatting fiasco, i hope to see many of you there.

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