Friday, December 12, 2008

Doctor's Orders 12/12

Whenever Dr. Gross spews enough public verbal feces to make it worth my while, i provide you with in depth analysis and plenty of mockery. This is the 2nd part in a series of currently unknown length.

As you all know, a new coach means a nice long presser with the good doctor. without further Adieu, lets perform surgery.

"I can't find anything bad about this guy."

I dont have a doctorate and i found at least SOMETHING bad about the guy. Average Joes 1, Phds 0.

"Doug's very first interview was overwhelming. It was electric."

Doug's.......a....... Robot? Please tell me hes not programmed to obey your every command.

"You can't outwork Doug Marrone. I'm not even going to try."

No wonder you're on the hot seat. Did you "Not Try" when you hired greg?

"This guy came in the first meeting with three or four notebooks with detailed stuff all about Syracuse."

This tells me 2 things
1. This guy is prepared to do this job
2.He also has WAYYYYYYY too much time on his hands.

"We'll be there to support him, get him what he needs and hopefully we'll get him a big fan base to come out and check it out."

how Darryl can help this cause:
1.lower ticket prices
2. Mini-Kiss

"It's time for us to let Doug take off"

Be free Dougie........ Be FREE!

"We have a group of kids who are just so hungry to win and do the right thing."

And open a hookah bar......

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