Friday, December 5, 2008

The Two underoos

Every week me and Alex over at the other SWRLU ask each other questions of the utmost importance about syracuse athletics.

This week, i sound off on fine topics such as the nonexistent Mars recruiting hotbed.

Sum up the G-Rob era in one word.

for multiple reasons
1.Greg was full of it
2. Darryl still is full of it
3.i said it more than any other word during a game

Favorite Gregism of all time?
"maybe it'll snowball into something that can catch fire"
it's a classic.
Funny story, i'm using that as my senior quote for my school's yearbook.
But orange county ironically, isint really that big on syracuse, so people are going to go who the fuck is greg robinson?
in 2005, i asked that very same question and i dont think anyone else wants to know the answer.

When are we going to learn who the new football coach is?
Next week. Steve Addazio please.

The Fro: yea or nay?
Yea. It's like the Giambi Moustache, dont change it until you lose.

Will we go undefeated in non-conference games?
Odds are, yes. Personally, i think we can beat memphis if we play at least a decent game.(Eric Devendorf, pay attention) and people pass the rock rather than take a dumbass shot.

Is this year's Big East the best basketball conference in the history of the universe?
This year's Big east is the best basketball conference in outer space, period.
Mars certainly isint a recruiting hotbed.

Would you rather insult Coach Q's mother to his face or box Arinze Onuaku?
Insult Coach Q's mother to his face. If you may recall, Arinze eats small children for breakfast.

It's going to be a slow week in SU athletics... how will you pass the time with nothing but a game against Cornell? Eh, probably sit in the corner and cry in the fetal position like we just lost to Georgetown. I'll think of something.

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