Tuesday, December 30, 2008

here goes nothing....

well tonight it begins........

What do you mean what is "it"?

world peace? no!

american economic turnaround? nope.

the doug marrone era? not yet, we'll let you know in 9 months.

I'm actually talking about the start of big east play, and tonight's faceoff against seton hall should be a good indicator on where we're going to stand in the big east, mainly because we all know how well polls actually predict things...... pfft.

Things SU must do tonight to escape with the win:

Feed the rock to Rautins and Onuaku: can't stress it enough, Rautins was Red-Hot against coppin state and onuaku makes a ton of shots in the post, feed one, and then the other and you have yourself a gameplan.

Crack the 1-2-1-1: This press is very difficult to get past, especially with an athletic roster of guys, look for flynn to get trapped by the point and shooting guards early, and then he'll need to dish off to the other guard or the small forward on the floor. If they get over the midcourt line, their next step is to avoid the corners because the forwards are going to come up and trap on either side and attempt to force a steal or a backcourt violation. What the orange can do is attempt to draw up the Pirate defense and then toss a long one to everyone's favorite non-football player with football ability, paul harris.

Free Throws: Self-Explanatory.

Limit Devo's minutes: yes please, do it. i say jimmy B takes him out every time he makes a bad pass tonight or attempts to take it to the rack himself despite being faced with 3 defenders.

Start fast: playing from behind is going to come back to kill us sooner or later, especially in the big east. give the rock to flynn or onuaku and let them get things started.

Well boys and girls, i have some stuff to do before the game,

i'll be over chatting with the 3 idiots tonight. hope to see you there and i'll hopefully host a chat next game, which is at south florida on friday night.

I'll be back here later for some postgame thoughts and another shiny(or not) pair of boxer shorts.


Russianator said...

Looking forward to it - I finally got off my ass and added to the our blogroll - my apologies for the delay

3rddownpunt said...

you still showed a lot of want-to.