Friday, December 26, 2008

Golden Underoos 2008 part 1

As 2008 draws to a close, it's been a year to remember and forget in Syracuse Athletics history. From the Lacrosse national championship that i forgot to watch because i was virtually passed out, to our lovely(?) football(?) team(?).

So with that, i figure i should hand out some end of year awards of my own choosing, a few serious ones, quite a few humorous ones. I shall call it, the GOLDEN UNDEROO AWARDS.

Now what is this....? are you claiming they're yellow? Are you calling me one of the philthy cheap bastards who held onto their money, thus worsening America's economic problems?

well the bad news is, I, like many other bloggers, am too poor to afford new underpants, much less gold ones.

But i did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

ok, i didnt do that either, did you have to ruin the fun?


And now our award of the evening........ Homoerotic photo of the year.

And the Nominees Are......

Jonny Flynn

Scoop Jardine

A suprise entry..... Cam Dantley

Andy Rautins

Disqualified: Eric Devendorf because he couldnt be here tonight, he's busy washing dishes.
Kristof, only because hes slacking a bit and lost his starting job to jackson.
And the underoo goes to............
Cam Dantley of the SU football team!
and now the acceptance speech.
" I would like to thank his royal highness, Ray Biggs, for this great honor."
"in addition i also owe a great deal of thanks to a great group of people who really gave me the want to in order to fight the fight this year............. these people include:
The people in the audience here tonight, this may be the first time i've been the center of attention and more than half the seats have been filled, and the Notre Dame game doesnt count. They were only there to see "the" catholic institution of higher learning, do what they do worst, play football. And then me and my boy donte did it IN AND AROUND YOUR MOUTH Charlie Weis!
I would also like to thank my wonderful center Jim Mckenzie for allowing me the privlege of staring at and reaching under his wonderful ass. I'd tap that. Thank you and god bless america! except south bend, indiana, which is now a nuclear disaster area."
Well there you have it, one in the books, and i'll have another tomorrow.

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