Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Golden Underoos: game of the year

Ironically enough, today's award does not go to the orange basketball team or the lacrosse team, but to a team less likely to win more than half their games, much less an award.

And the game of the year award goes to...................

the Football upset vs. Notre Dame

And as a parting gift for mr. greggers, a complimentary golden thong.

Ok so why this game? well nothing makes for a great game like david hangin with goliath, and seeing that it gets no more "david" than us, and no more "goliath"(at least in the eyes of the misinformed public) than notre dame, it was a perfect chance to show that we could "fight the fight". and this win really snowballed into something that DID catch fire as we prevailed 24-23 because of the following field goal:

The ND fans also chose to "fight the fight" and interestingly enough, it was a "snowball" fight that did "catch fire":

hmm..... interesting.

i'll now post my pregame notes for seton hall.

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