Friday, December 12, 2008

And the winner is.......

Once again, sorry for my lack of updates, ive been rather busy this week.
I'll never do it again, i swear, just dont pull the belt out.......

Well ladies, gentlemen, and Rob Konrads of all ages,
We have ourselves a coach.
*drumroll please*
and the new SU Football Coach is..........., Doug Marrone.

Now personally this comes as a bit of a shock to me for a variety of reasons. Its not a bad hire at all, but looking at the better available candidates, it makes me wonder how it happened.

Reasons why he's a good choice
1. The number 1 thing id look for in a coach is that he is a teacher as opposed to a fat figurehead, executive type bastard. we definitely get that with Doug Marrone, who doesnt exactly come across as pete carroll or anything but still is a great teacher of the game.

2. He's been an offensive line coach previously. Definitely something syracuse needs to improve based on the past couple of years.

3.He's an alum. It's a guy that speaks the language of upstate new yorkers well. He also has ties in the NYC, which can definitely provide us with a few nice recruits.

4. He's coached at both the collegiate and pro levels. definitely helps a guy see both sides, although it didnt appear to help greggers too much.

5. He's got balls because hes putting his career in an interesting position by taking this job. hopefully his playcalling is just as ballsy.

6. He cant do any worse than greg did.

Reasons why it might not be good

1. He hasnt worked in the northeast in a while, and as we all know, people retire, move on, and die. so many of his connections may no longer exist.

2. Skip holtz was a better choice. plain and simple.

3. He was a pro coach. And if hes gonna coach at SU he needs to learn rule number 1 of college football: pro style offenses are worthless. Just ask Army.

4.Things might get a little shaky next year just with the recruiting situation. hopefully he has a staff in place before the first of the year so we can get the ball rolling in that department.

Well, there you have it, the arguements have been made.

Oh and apparently, mike williams isint coming back

A guy that isint even a player stole his number.... low blow.

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