Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bring on the JayWALKS

Well boys and girls, we magically beat the gators last night, proving we are actually a legitimate ballclub this season. I'll keep this segment brief so i can move on to bigger and better things (i.e kansas preview)

Some things i liked
  • We beat florida, fucking floridaaa.
  • Settin up the rematch, its about time.
  • Rautins looked spectacular, especially after his shitty start. 5 tres in the first half. It's the andy we all know and love.
  • 5 orange players in double figures. 5.
  • Kristof! had 5 points, thats like flynn having 30.
  • Held Calathes under 20 too. is it me or does he kinda look like kristof?

Some things i disliked

  • who the fuck is alex tyus and how did he drop 24 on us?
  • Free throws. free..... throws. whats interesting about that stat?THEY'RE FREE, let's make them already.
  • Defense surrendered more than 80 points. baddd. bad bad bad.

Can't complain much more than that.

Onward to the kansas preview......

Orange(4-0) at Jayhawks(3-0)
10 pm, espn2.

When the orange have the ball:

  • Look for plenty of guys to attack from the perimeter. Rautins, Flynn, and Devo have showed flashes from the perimeter.
  • If kansas doesnt slow onuaku down the game is over.
  • Jim boeheim may have his hands on his head a few times tonight.
  • If Flynn draws a double team, watch out for the waffle.

When Kansas has the ball

  • Sherron Collins will control the game up top. he's the leader of a very young kansas team, so he will definitely be a catalyst, especially if he has a hot hand.
  • Cole aldrich is one of the best young centers around, look for him to thrive in the 2-3 if arinze doesnt make him his bitch.
  • on 2nd thought, he's arinze's bitch.
  • Overall, this team is the 07 Syracuse of this year, great young talent, but i think there's a lot of mistakes theyre going to make.

With that

Join me tonight here at 10pm for a livechat.
Arinze's newly deformed head, olive garden, the coaching search, my teacher that looks like grob, and the game will be discussed.

Until then,

Stay Flashy, Orange Nation

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