Thursday, November 27, 2008

Su-Kansas Liveblog: highlight reel

Just some wonderful somewhat intelligent yet somewhat unintelligent things said during the livechat. i'll make another post or two, and then thatll be it for turkey day. Try not to miss me too much, kapish?

NunesMagician: man...I think Georgetown '99 (I think)
Alex O.: old man ^

BiggsMagician: ok now if i saw a car drive itself id piss my pants
BiggsMagician: not to mention there isint an oreilly location in ny
NunesMagician: I dont think I've seen one out here either
BiggsMagician: where the fuck are they thennnn, iowa?
Jameson: yeah i love the fact that when the dome goes "check out your local O'Reilly Auto Parts Dealer" you actually have to go out of state for one
NunesMagician: that's crazy, what a waste of money

031501: i'm checking out guys
031501: good lucj 2nd half
BiggsMagician: ewww.
BiggsMagician: keep that to yourself man. later.

NunesMagician: seriously, all those other guys are just names to me. I don't know anything about them other than other people have said they were good
BiggsMagician: steve addazio.
NunesMagician: I hear good things but I know nothing about him
NunesMagician: other than Rob Konrad likes him
BiggsMagician: who are we to say no to konrad?
NunesMagician: good point
voteprime: I said no to Rob Konrad once. It didn't feel good afterwards.

BiggsMagician: another t-shirt idea.
BiggsMagician: the many moods of jim boeheim.
BiggsMagician: pissed pissed pissed pissed, kindanotpissedbutstillpissed, pissed, pissed
The J Nice: annoyed
The J Nice: annoyed to the point of being pissy]
BiggsMagician: yea thats even better
The J Nice: horny
NunesMagician: I wonder if he's pissed
BiggsMagician: horny? do we even need that one?
The J Nice: he;s gotta be in a horny mood sometimes
BiggsMagician: hello, juli boeheim?

voteprime: FEED ONUAKU!
BiggsMagician: what are we gonna feed onuaku? babies?
voteprime: raw meat?
BiggsMagician: he eats loads of em, protein man, protein.
Alex O.: ao eats o'reilly auto parts
NunesMagician: Georgetown students
voteprime: organic babies. available at whole foods.

BiggsMagician: couldnt go without talking about olive garden.
NunesMagician: Someone get that Dad to steal Jonny's pasta!
BiggsMagician: LMFAO classic. fucking classic.

BiggsMagician: someone give vitale a speech impediment and tie his hands behind his back
The J Nice: everyone is a big time player
The J Nice: he loves intensity
NunesMagician: he loves talking
voteprime: PTPer, baby!

NunesMagician: Someone punch Devo in the ACL right now
NunesMagician: (I'm a terrible person)
Alex O.: haha
voteprime: (but I'm still laughing)

BiggsMagician: that man deserves applause and a tour of italy hand delivered by bruce williams and his tight butt.
The J Nice: this is the gayest chat i've ever attended
voteprime: i feel like I've been violated. and I'm okay with that.
BiggsMagician: yea basically.
NunesMagician: Seriously. Someone needs to call a "no homo" on this entire chat
Alex O.: i just took my pants off

Good time was had by all, we'll see about one for friday, we'll see.


voteprime said...

I went to a bar to try and watch the game. And apparently it's blacked out. I come back to find we're down by 11, and I don't even have a live chat to fill me in on what's going on. Dammit, now I have to go over to Nunes the Magician and, like, read the comments or something.

It was fun to read some of the highlights. Thank you.

3rddownpunt said...

i worked at an armani outlet from thanksgiving night at 9pm until 2pm the next day as a temp.

and then i blacked out myself.