Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everybody gets a turn.....

Congratulations, you could be the next head coach of the Syracuse football team.

In an interview with TK99, the Good Doctor was in, and he spilled some very interesting details.

In this interview, Doctor(?) Gross says that "Everybody's a Candidate". Does this mean that i could coach this football team right now? I never knew our standards could possibly drop this low. But then again, after all the money we've lost, i look like a bargain.

Among the other Names mentioned: Mike Leach
Now i think Leach is a great coach, but what business would he have coaching a team that is in its 4th straight losing season? Now while the lack of recruiting connections could very well be a problem, i do see one major upside to having him as a coach, We'll have a mcnabb-esque QB to lead us into the future because of the offense he'll want to install here at syracuse. What do the 1987 and 1998 teams have in common? A pectacular athlete at quarterback. Thats where it truly begins for us, the running backs will come, as with averin collier.

And so i now move into a look at some of the other people i'd consider for the head coaching position. Maybe a few you havent thought of

Steve Addazio: If the alumni supports him, i cant help but be behind him 100 percent. The alumni who suggested him played for winning teams with him working on the sidelines, and who better to make a suggestion than former players that played for winning teams during his tenure?

Randy Edsall: Another great choice given his SU ties, but i have to question, will he really bolt uconn for their own rival? That remains to be seen.

Chris Petersen: Highly unlikely we'll get him, but he is one hell of a football coach. If sean hadnt taken the absolute magician sentence, i woulda used that name instead because this man is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Not afraid to be aggressive with his playcalling, which certainly would help considering Greggers rarely took a deep shot downfield.

Turner Gill- We'll let jesus decide.

And some others we can only dream about, because they might not ever happen, but hey, everyone's a candidate.

Ghengis Kahn- Great connections in the ancient mongol recruiting hotbed, also seems to know a thing or two about horse blood,

Josef Stalin- This team could always use a nice dose of absolute power. Consequence does some spectacular things, especially when they'll always play like their lives depend on it.

Trojan Man-Would definitely help with our "Pass Protection"

the GOOD DOCTOR- wouldnt want him to, but he kinda reminds me of isaiah thomas in a sense. Has a roster full of losers and cry babies, and no help from his staff. Would be replaced as athletic director by former roman emperor Caligula, who would then fire him and replace him with a donkey because even i couldnt tell the difference.

What do all these people have in common? theyre all unable to hold the job because theyre either dead, not real, or in a much better job now. But any one of them could be hired because EVERYONE is a candidate. It's just like little league because EVERYONE can win, however that is where the Doctor is wrong(GASP, MALPRACTICE!). If EVERYONE can hold the job, then Gross is the new hero of the american economic system because we'll all be making 7 figure salaries. go figure(da dum *Crash!*).

In Conclusion, apparently Gross will waste no time in hiring perhaps, the crying child. You never know, you never know......

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Stay Flashy, Orange Nation

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