Friday, November 21, 2008

SU-Oakland: a statistic based analysis

Ladies and germs, I feel like gilligan right now.

I could not find this game anywhere tonight
No Radio
No anything

Auditions now being held for the skipper, the millionaire and his wife, the movie star, professor, and marianne.

yea and it was in fact supposed to last 3 hours. and boy life is a rough ocean for me when it comes to not being able to even listen to the game, it drives me nuts.

getting past that.......

Our orangemen are now 2-0 ladies and gentlemen (thunderous applause) After an 86-66 trouncing of Oakland, Michigan. Now this is purely on statistics alone as you can obviously tell, so i'll just give you my observations so i can get to my Notre Dame Preview Post.

Things i liked
  • Mookie got some minutes tonight, where was this last time J-Bo?
  • Our Basketball Headed Friend was 5-for-5 from the field tonight. 3 stuffs as well.
  • The Waffle got on the board, we really don't ask much of him other than to put the occasional point on the board and play some defense.
  • Rick Jackson had a Rocket in his ass tonight, he got to the ball.
  • Jonny Boy Led all scorers with 18 points. MVP! MVP!

Things i Disliked

  • The horrendous 3 point gunning needs to stop. when your 3 point percentage is less than G-Rob's win percentage, something's wrong.
  • Sean Williams averaging no points and a foul a minute.
  • Rautins needs to find his stroke in the next month.
  • Attendance. It's friday night Central New York, go support your orangemen and help pay new football coach Darryl Gross's salary(me and sean are convinced)

Well that about covers the game, nothing interesting to report other than another win on our march to an undefeated season. HOOAH!

ill post a preview of some variety tomorrow and then i'll be in the gamethread over at TNIAAM while our beloved band of want-toers loses to a ironically satanic catholic institution. Yes i just compared them to satan. Definitely be there, it's a good time.

Until next time,

Stay Flashy, Orange Nation

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