Saturday, November 29, 2008

the two underoos. edition 1.

(Every week Alex and I will take turns asking each other some questions of the utmost importance in the world of Syracuse University athletics.)

1. What will our ranking be on monday?
Assuming we beat Virginia, I'm gonna guess 18-ish. Beating the National Champions from the last three years is pretty impressive. We're not under the radar any more.

2. Over/Under on the number of pounds the O-Line gains on turkey day?
Mitch Browning actually invited them all over for Thanksgiving. Rice cakes, yogurt, and reduced-fat Oreos were served. They lost a total of 28 pounds.

3. What was the first word out of your mouth when Flynn hit the three?
I was in the basement of my house all by myself. Everyone else was asleep so I had to keep it down. I was, however, jumping around like an idiot.

4. How bad are we going to lose against cincinatti?
It's weird... I have a feeling we're actually going to win this game. I know that statistically there's no way we should (maybe I'm still running on a high from the Notre Dame game), but I feel like Syracuse is going to win this game just to make the conference even more bizarre. Big East football has had a crazy ride this year, so why not keep it going one more week? Syracuse wins it 24-21 on a last-second Shadle field goal.

5. What should we expect from the Virginia game on friday?
As long as SU keeps playing the way they did earlier this week, it should be a blow out. UVa just lost to Liberty, a school that I'm sure most of us didn't know existed. I predict a spectacular Flynn to Harris alley oop, less turnovers, more bad free throws, and a 20% chance of shattered backboard.

6. Do you think we will see Hogue or Carter play against Cincinatti at all?
Hogue yes, Carter no. It's a shame... When Carter was carried off the field his freshman year I remember thinking that he might be able to bring this team back to the good ol' days. I guess the injuries have really slowed him down. I also think it's possible that our army of running backs is preventing any one of them from really being able to shine, leaving us with nothing but "flashes." As soon as one takes over the spotlight (Brinkley), another steals it away (Bailey).

7. More importantly, give me your top 3 candidates for the head coach position.
Mark Mangino

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