Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SU-Richmond Recap

In case you missed it......

Syracuse 76
Richmond 71

Well to start, let's just say the Orange had their hands full tonight dealing with an extremely well coached Richmond team. The game had quite a few lead changes and even with the explosion we had in the 2nd half, it's safe to say that this team needs the nonconference schedule this year in order to get this team prepared for the rigors of Conference Play.

We'll be fine for now, but the Big East is a much different beast to tame.16 teams beating each other into oblivion doesnt lie when youre talking about tough conferences.

In addition, the Gross propagandafication device strikes again, they claim that we not only beat the Richmond spiders, We terminated them.
Thats right, we went all terminix on their ass. And Flynn is the fucking orkin man.

Things i Liked
  • Arinze's 17 points and 6 Boards. The man is still a force to be reckoned with and someone that is going to make huge waves in the Big East. He's Roy Hibbert only much better
  • JONNY FLYNN- he was also out in full force tonight on the offensive end, scoring a whopping 27 points against an A-10 opponent in just the 2nd game of the season.At Orkin, Shooting is his best weapon.
  • DEVO. He's Baaaaackkkkk, great 22 point effort tonight.

Things i disliked

  • FREE THROWS, FREE THROWS, FREE THROWS-Over the years i have watched the orange, ive always known us to have a very well rounded ballclub except in one key area, free throws. With all the talent and experience Jim Boeheim has you figure his team could be better than 12 of 19 from the charity stripe. That puzzles me to this day.
  • Defense could still be better.The 2nd half looked good, but the first half was a subpar, and here's why. The zone needs more motion, on more that one occasion i saw shots go uncontested. If i'm coach Boeheim, whoever didnt step out and at least try to contest the shot takes a seat for a bit.
  • Shot selection could have been better
  • Where was Mookie Tonight?

And now to what the brains of the operation had to say afterwards...

On the stretch of Eric Devendorf's 3-pointers: "We spread it out and got him a couple good looks and he knocked them down. Jonny made a couple really good penetration passes. Jonny was really good tonight. They had their defense back set for him, and he made some big plays."

I can't even say it better than that. It's still too early to tell how this season will turn out but once we really get rolling we'll likely be fine. We'd be in trouble if we didnt have this nonconference schedule, we still have guys getting back on their feet and a great group of youngsters who are learning, so that's going to take a few games. Coach Boeheim should make a note to himself: FREE THROWS. This team is much better when they make their free throws. lets get to work.

Until tomorrow,

Stay Flashy, Orange Nation

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