Saturday, November 22, 2008

we...... we......

we.... we..... w......on?


yes boys and girls, we somehow sucessfully dispatched a satanic catholic institution that thinks so highly of itself that it has large posters of all the SI covers in its own stadium. who woulda thunk it?

Now personally watching this game, i was beginning to wonder if it was november 22nd or christmas out there, because i saw plenty of gifts being handed out. We played sloppy, they played sloppy.

However, i think there is one logical explanation on how we could have possibly won the game, They threw the season to get Greg Fired and the Darryl Gross Hype machine didnt want us to know. just a theory.

Things i liked:
  • WE WON!
  • ok enough with the winning
  • Antwaan Bailey playing like he suddenly posesses testicles.
  • Cameron Dantley stepped up with some great passes on third down.
  • 2nd and 47
  • Botched Holds
  • Short field goals
  • Want-to in the broadcast
  • Making it a 4th Quarter game as opposed to a 1st Quarter Game
  • A Syracuse game where the crowd wasnt dressed as bleachers by the end.
  • First Down Syndrome.
  • Getting to heckle a sizeable portion of my friends and colleagues on monday

Things i didnt like

  • If this was gonna be like christmas, we should have came as the uncle that converted to judaism just so he didnt have to bring gifts.
  • That bullshit touchdown call. There was obvious OPI on that, no kiddin.
  • Where was Dug HOAG?
  • Greggers didnt show us his vertical leap this week, maybe it didnt improve.
  • Bailey playing better than brinkley
  • Not winning free bread.

So there you have it, we basically suck half the game and we beat a team that typically enough...... really sucks. we dont have a streak of 9 bowl losses either.

and now over to the Boise State Game

Until Next Time,

Stay Flashy Orange Nation

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