Saturday, November 22, 2008

wait, we can beat notre dame?

Today's the day kiddies, we're playin the Irish on national tv today. And even though we're probably going to lose, we do still have plenty of shit on the domers.

  2. Our Coach doesnt need to be on the Biggest Loser
  3. Schedule Strength. The combined record of notre dame's losing opponents? 18-46.
  4. They Stole 2 BULLSHIT heismans from us. 2. Jim Brown should have won and even the POLL had Mcpherson winning.
  5. A much better Fight song, much, much better.
  6. We've had a legitimate national title in the last 50 years(barely, but ok.)
  7. We aren't losing a bowl game this year.
  8. We dont cry at the single hint of misfortune.
  9. We've beaten Boston College in the past 7 years.
  10. The movie about our program isint about some random loser off the streets.
  11. We don't need a network tv deal for people to know how bad we suck.
  12. Notre Dame's fan base consists of fans who couldn't get into Notre Dame.
  13. They Can't find South Bend on a Map.
  14. We CAN find syracuse on a map.
  15. 100 percent of our national titles are legit.
  16. Weis didnt make a bowl game last year and was not fired. meanwhile Willingham at least made it to the insight bowl and he was fired.
  17. Syracuse Doesnt fire coaches because they are black.

In conclusion, Even though we're gonna lose, we still...... win. If youd like to talk about the game i'll be over in the gamethread at TNIAAM

Until then,

Stay Classy, orange nation

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