Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doctor's Orders

I'll kick things off with a feature i like to call Doctor's orders. Every time Dr. Gross speaks enough words to make it worth my while, i'll be doing an analysis of sorts, similar to what sean over at TNIAAM has done with Greg Robinson recently. First Stop, the Greg Robinson Firing.

Now to be perfectly honest with you, i think that Greg recieved plenty of advice on how to handle the media from the GOOD DOCTOR, because the doctor also seems to think that it's always sunny in Syracuse, which is why it took so long to fire this guy that mysteriously looks like a health teacher in my school. Dead ass, the first time i saw this guy i swear he was the skinny greg robinson.

"The timing of this announcement allows us to end rumor and speculation and provides us ample time to hire a head coach who has shown the capability to produce a winning football program that the Syracuse nation can be proud of."

What about LAST YEAR Darryl? If timing is everything, maybe we should have just timed this exactly right and kicked him out last year.

"I have made the decision to move our football program in a new direction and have informed Greg Robinson that his tenure as Syracuse's head coach will end at the conclusion of this season. "

As if we didnt already know this.......

"Coach Robinson worked very hard to try to establish a winning program, one that could eventually compete for the conference championship on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the progress we expected to see has not occurred."

We saw this about 3 years before you touched on progress not happening. explain to me how this guy has his Ph.d and yet the fans are more intelligent than he is. he must have downright bought his way through college.

And what does the man who will no longer reside in syracuse have to say?

"It doesn't really come as a surprise to me"
You're not alone greg, it didnt surprise us either.

I'll wrap it up on that note, Syracuse-Richmond is on right now and my focus needs to be on the tv

which reminds me....
i'll be doing livechats using good old CiL for select basketball games, that is if sean isint doing one and im free to do one. more details to follow

I'll be back after the game with a postgame wrap-up

until then, stay classy Orange Nation

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